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I used both the services of askganesha. I used free gun milan service and also the paid gun milan service.

Horoscope matching for marriage free|Jathagam Porutham Tamil

Both are good but I would recommend to go for the paid service as it is very very detailed and gives accurate future predictions. Privacy Terms and Conditions Refund Policy. Site Map Contact Us. Before marriage majority of the families consult a astrologer for matching of the Horoscopes of the boy and the Girl. The Vedic system of Astrology has in it a age old traditional Horoscope Matching or Kundli matching system in which the placement of planet moon in both horoscopes is taken into considerations and a points are given for various descriptions.

Get the detailed horoscope matching on discount Rs. The free Kundli Milan Report would give you analysis of following kundli milan points: Each of the above has its own significance and have their own number of points. These all add up to 36 and a score below 18 is not considered a good match according to traditional astrology. We are providing you a free utility to match the astrological charts of boy and a girl for the purpose of marriage through traditional method of Kundli Milan Gun Milan.

Horoscope Matching Report is far more detailed than the Gun milan as the whole basis of Gun Milan is dependent only on one planet which is Moon and the rest of the 8 planets, dasha, Yogas, combinations etc are not seen in the Gun Milan.

Free Kundli Milan (Gun Milan)

So why should you take risk by just matching one planet when the whole of the horoscope is important. Hence Gun Milan less or more, the match could be good or bad depends on complete horoscope matching Yes it is very much possible that a a Manglik can marry a Non Manglik if the rest of the planets are well placed and are having good yogas, a Manglik and a Non- Manglik marriage can surely be successful.

Moreover there are various cancellations and remedies which you will only get to know in the personalized horoscope matching report. The panchangas measure the day continuously from a sunrise to another sunrise. That is, if the day begins with the sunrise at So whenever one comes across the timing like Let us read the panchanga of, say, October 7th, Open the page containing October 7th, Refer to the uppermost row of the table.

It tells us that the particular date October 7th, The column on right in the second row denotes that the day is in dakshinayana -the Sun moving towards southern makara vritta the tropic of Capricorn and the Sharad ritu. The row for this date reads: At the sunrise the tithi was navami, that is the 9th lunar date, and the weekday is Tuesday. The third column conveys the change of tithi.

Aaj Ka Panchang 16 January 2019 - आज का पंचांग पौष शुक्ल पक्ष दशमी बुधवार

Here it changes at 8: Next column tells us that the moon is in Shravana nakshatra and it leaves the constellation at The next ten columns if referred to their headings can be understood trivially. In case of karana which the half part of a tithi, the Date Panchanga mentions only first half, since the second half ends with the end of the particular tithi.

The next wide column to the Gregorian date contains the shastrartha for the day. For October 7th, The rest of the information of the day continues elsewhere on the same page with a reference to the same Gregorian date in parenthesis.

Jathagam Porutham Tamil

To understand the general bearing of the particular day refer to the shubhaashubha divasa , auspicious-inauspicious days column placed next to the kundali -the chart on the page. There are a few vital things to be remembered while reading the panchanga. Among the tithis coming in succession, the missing number of tithi is always considered as kshaya or eliminated tithi.

This is considered inauspicious.

Guna Milan

Similarly, when a tithi repeats it becomes vriddhi, additional tithi. This too is considered inauspicious. Among the inauspicious tithis are all the 13th and 14th tithis in krishna paksha - the waning phase of the moon, all the New Moon days and all the 1st tithi of shuddha paksha, the waxing phase of the moon. Of all the constellations, Pushya is considered inauspicious for weddings while Bharani, Krittikaa, Aashleshaa and Vishaakhaa are considered inauspicious for a majority of tasks.